Supply chains architects of the 21st century

Apr 30, 2019

We can predict the future: procurement professionals will become the architects of sustainable and circular supply chains of those companies that choose for future proof entrepreneurship.

We live in times of unseen transformation.  New technologies, transition towards a new economic model, driven by valorization and reuse of raw materials, components and products, ecological threats like exhaustion of raw materials and climate change, etc. In these times of uncertainty, disruption and chaos, some organizations distinguish themselves by future driven strategies and acts, while others remain in “business as usual”

This extremely complex context demands a new mindset from the procurement professional: new leadership, new strategies, future driven skills and tools.  It calls for a different view on procurement management, with a focus on creating positive impact. The purchaser of the future turns risks into opportunities, by investing fully in expertise and skills for sustainable and circular procurement.

The procurement professional who knows how to guide his organization through times of scarcity, complex compliance issues and higher customer demands, will lead it successfully through the 21st century.



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